What is a Community Health Assessment?

A Community Health Assessment, or CHA, is an organized, systematic effort to identify and assess the health status of a community. It’s a critical resource for local leaders who are seeking information about how their community is faring in key health areas, such as infant mortality, cancer rates, and sexually transmitted infections. The key to a good community health assessment is knowing and understanding your community—and who’s living there.

What is a Health Department?

Health departments keep track of the health of the populations in communities, including the number of people with certain health problems, the types of health services available, and how healthy people feel about the community. The idea is to use this information in the future to understand how changes in the community may affect people’s health and to design health programs and policies to make sure people stay healthy.

What is a Community Health Improvement Plan?

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a strategic plan for a community’s health. It can include many different types of strategies and ideas to improve the health of a community. A CHIP should help achieve specific goals in a certain amount of time and should focus on the needs of the community, including vulnerable populations.

What is Public Health Innovation?

Public health innovation is the process of generating, adapting, spreading, and sustaining new knowledge, practices, tools, and interventions to improve the health of populations. Public health problems and challenges are constantly changing. To address these issues, public health practice must be dynamic and adaptable, and must be able to evolve with changing times. This is the work of public health innovation.

What is Public Health Planning?

Public health planning is the act of determining how a community will use its public resources to prevent disease, promote health, and provide for the safety of the public. Public health planning is an essential step in protecting the health of people in our communities. Public health officers and their staff develop plans that help identify the health needs of a population, assess community resources, and develop strategies to address the needs. The public health system is organized on a county-wide or multi-county basis, which means plans must be implemented on a broad scale. On the other hand, public health planning is implemented through the actions of individuals, not just government agencies. Public health planning is collaborative in nature, so the community is involved as well.

What is Health Equity?

Health equity is the idea that all people should have the same level of access to the same quality of health care services. People who have worse health outcomes than others often face barriers to accessing health services, so improving health equity can mean reducing these barriers. For example, children who live in poorer neighborhoods may have less access to high-quality health care, in part because there are fewer doctors and other health care professionals, as well as fewer grocery stores and other sources of healthy, affordable foods.

What is Open Source?

Open source software is software that anyone can study, change and distribute without paying license fees or royalties. Free and open-source software is powered by the communities of people who use and contribute to it. As its name suggests, open source software is given to the world for free. Its software code is open to the public. It can be freely distributed, and its use is not limited to a particular owner.